[PREMIERE]: Caroline Burt Pretend-Kills Her Ex in New Video “Fake It”

Caroline Burt is a DJ, music producer, and Dash Doll. Although she’s breezing through the entertainment and music industries, Caroline had to fight throughout her childhood to express herself. As prestigious members of the DC political scene, her parents scolded Caroline for her self-proclaimed “scene-girl” looks and sent her to various wilderness correction programs (she now is an ambassador for SIA: Survivors of Institutional Abuse).

Our girl had some mad intuition and strength to move herself out to LA when she was 18 because now she’s a super successful singer and Dash Doll. You can catch her DJing one of your fav nightclubs or kicking it with the Kardashians in the Hamptons.

Today, she’s premiering her music video for her new song “Fake It.” This song is about to become every girl’s revenge anthem. Watch and read on for an exclusive interview.

[CORRECTION, 12/8/2016: A previous version of this post stated that Skrillex co-produced this song, based on what Galore was told by Caroline Burt. A representative of Skrillex informed us he did not. Galore regrets this error.]

Let’s get right into it. What is this song about?

So this song is about a specific relationship. I really like this song because it has do to with my emotional personal life that I think a lot of people probably saw on Dash Dolls. The music video has a guy that kind of looks like the person that I dated. It’s definitely shameless and out there because it’s obviously who I dated on Dash Dolls. The song is about saying one thing to try to get what you want out o f someone, but your actions show otherwise. The lyrics are, “you can say what you want, but your eyes can’t fake it enough”. Basically, you can say that you care, but I can tell that there’s another reason you’re saying this — there’s an ulterior motive here, which I ended up finding out.

Do you DGAF if he recognizes himself?

Not really! I have no shame with it.

Damn, the message is super relatable.

Yeah. I’m sure anyone can relate to that — being told, “I love you, I wanna be with you” but the actions don’t reflect that.

What’s your favorite aspect of the song?

The vocals are big – like Ellie Goulding, Melanie Martinez. I’m so happy to finally release something that has my vocals in it that I’m proud of.

Tell us about your EP “One Hundred”.

When I was doing this album, I did six songs, and every song had a different genre. I wanted to see what style my fans liked the most. This song was the most vocally intense. I hit the vocals so easily because I think it had meaning — when you feel it, you record it better.

Why is it called “One Hundred”?

The song “One Hundred” is about grinding and making it to where you are now. I moved here [from Washington, DC] when I was 18 and my parents knew nothing about music or TV, so I had to make it to where I am on my own.

How was it working with Skrillex and Matt Good?

It was amazing because we’re friends. I’ve known Skrillex since I was 19. We were able to be totally honest, in a funny way. Like, “Caroline, yo, that sounds like shit”. It was fun instead of being nervous. I wouldn’t have wanted to do my first full length album with anyone else.

Who did the art direction of the video?

All me! The stylist Julia Shapiro killed it and really brought my ideas to life. And I’m really excited about the choreography in it. I worked with this dope choreographer Nikki Keeshin. I miss the ’90s where music videos had those incredible choreography routines. They told a story. Music videos now need to step up their game! I’m looking forward to having more choreography in my future videos.

How has being a Dash Doll affected your life?

When I met the other girls, I felt I had to conform a little bit into that Kardashian look, like get a spray tan [laughs]. But then I realized I was fading into the background by not letting my whole self shine through. I had to go back to being me: dye my hair pink, wear crazy makeup. Being on the show gave me a platform, but I wanted to use that platform for what I do, which is music.

If you’re as obsessed with Caroline Burt as we are, give her video some love and check out her website.


Wardrobe: Julia Shapiro for Little Black Diamond 

Makeup: Ashley Feasel 

Hair: Cindy Turcios 

Choreography: Nikki Keeshin  

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