[PREMIERE]: Aussie Rebel Kelsy Karter’s New Video “Out of Drugs”

Kelsy Karter might be never caught without her leather jacket and switchblade, but with her newest track “Out of Drugs,” she wants everyone to know she’s really soft and mushy on the inside.

Karter is from Australia‘s Gold Coast and can be easily mistaken for a long-lost twin of Lana Del Rey or Amy Winehouse. Her signature winged liner and pink pout reference vintage glamour but she has declared she is more of a James Dean than a Marilyn.

Today she releases the song and video for “Out of Drugs” exclusively on Galore.

Tell us a little about what kind of music you make!

I call it blue-eyed soul. I’m so inspired by the 50s and 60s and that just comes out naturally. James Brown is like, my idol. Sam Cooke, the old girl groups. I guess it’s like a new, retro, soul, pop thing happening. Oh, and funk!

What have you been working on?

I released an EP last year called “Kiss the Boys.” It was kind of like an introduction to me– giving a little flavor of what Kelsy Karter is. Boys, rebellion, growing up. You know, covering all the bases of what makes up me.

Have you made videos for those tracks?

Yes! Music videos are my favorite part about releasing something. I want the music to stand on its own, but I grew up acting. I’m a theatre kid, so to be able to create a little mini movie is the best.

What’s the vibe of your videos?

I have a whole retro vibe going on. It’s got nostalgic elements to it, but I try to mix in modern elements as well. Gotta keep the kids happy.


You wrote a song about your love for Johnny Depp, is he your bae?

Oh yeah. I love Johnny Depp. My whole life he has been my idol. Edward Scissorhands was the first movie I watched where I was like, “I want to be an entertainer.” So I wrote a song called “Johnny Depp.” I had all these super fans contacting me telling me to back off. This was years ago – I barely had a name for myself. I had thousands of comments saying “Kelsy’s gonna meet Johnny, he’s ours, she needs to back off.” So I removed it. But I’m going to re-release it properly in the future.

What else do we have to look forward to in the future from you?

My song “Foxy.” Everybody’s loving this song. I have to release it next. It’s honestly about narcissism. Girls today, we’re all so empowered, and it’s kind of our day, our time. I point out, “You know what, I know you boys are into it — it’s ’cause I’m foxy.”

Tell us about the new song you’re dropping!

On this new EP, I’m gearing more towards relating to other people. This song, “Out of Drugs” is a metaphor for being in love. Love is the best drug ever, and it’s about that journey. I talk about drugs the entire time, but it’s a metaphor for being high on love. It’s about what we all go through. Love’s the fucking best, and that’s what drugs are like – when you come down from drugs, it’s the worst thing in the world. It’s got a retro soul vibe, but there’s some modern elements in it too. We tried to meet in the middle this time.

And the video?

In the video there’s kind of like child me and adult me. There’s child me at a school dance, and adult me driving a car. Throughout there’s the same guy, and it’s kind of asking, “will you stick around through all of it?” There’s an innocence to it. Even though the song is little risky lyrically, it’s such a pretty song.

Are you a really romantic person? Is that why you have young Kelsy and older Kelsy with the same guy? 

I’m the most empathetic, sentimental person. I’m so nostalgic in my own life. I never want to grow up. I’m very emotional, and I like people to know that I’m soft and mushy on the inside. I love love! I love so hard. It’s the best thing to sing about.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Kelsy, check out:


Interview & photos by Maddie Cordoba

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