[Premiere] Alana’s ‘Venomous’ Is For Your Inner Deviant

If you remember a few months ago, we did a pretty dope Q&A with pop grunge singer Alana and got to peep her video for “Black Magic.”

Wellm good news my little black-hearted gothic pop girls, the video for her next single, “Venomous” is a sequel to “Black Magic”… and if you can recall from our previous discussion, Alana is heavily inspired by the 90’s and the cult classic film “The Craft,” which basically means her vids are like a mini series with epic soundtracks heavily influenced by the film.

“It left off with me feeling completely insane and under a spell by a guy who was choosing to appear and reappear whenever he pleased,” Alana said of Black Magic, “and I would fall for it. Venomous takes back that control and power.”

To which we say, Hell Yas! Snatch back that power, girl!

“Venomous is a character that I made up,” she adds. “[The guys] can’t escape Venomous because they are addicted to the poisonous love she’s giving. Venomous is full of confidence and with that she can take out ANY guy that she wants to strike back at.”   

Though we don’t always promote vengeance, sometimes people need a taste of their own medicine.

I really hope that fans can channel their inner ‘Venomous’ when they are feeling pushed around,” Alana tells Galore. “Find your confidence and let that inner deviant shine through!!”

So serve up that venom babe, and watch the video below!

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Photo by Cameron Postforoosh

Video Directed by Millicent Hailes

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