Blac Chyna Looks Like an IRL Snapchat Filter on Her New Paper Cover

Blac Chyna just got her own Paper cover and it’s a lot to take in.

Posing for the magazine’s “1,000 Beautiful People” edition, the cover features a naked Chyna, staring into your eyes and daring you to look away from her naked body, which looks like an IRL version of the butterfly Snapchat filter.

You know, the one that mostly makes people look like a bronze goddess but sometimes just makes them look discolored and sickly if they’re too pale to start with.

To show some range, Chyna breaks up her nudity by modeling a variety of gloves, lace bibs and bridal robes.


The whole thing seems like it’s trying really hard to be classy and viral, but mostly just leaves you thinking, “WTF, why?”

Basically, it’s a classic Blac Chyna move and only goes to show that no matter how hard she tried to follow in the Kardashian footsteps, she’ll always be in a league of her own.

Keep on doing you, Chyna.

It’s clearly working out well for you.

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