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Pink is always in season, but this summer, pink is the ultimate fashion frenzy and it’s no surprise why! From Issa Rae’s new Barbie movie to the “Barbie World” remix by Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj the “barbiecore” and “bimbocore” movements have exploded on social media, creating a whirlwind of vibrant styles and trends that are impossible to resist. Pink is nostalgic of our childhood and representative of our fierce adulthood. I curated a list of my favorite brands with pink worthy products to ride out our chic summer of Barbie.

Miss Circle

Address: 417 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

@_misscircle_ | 

Embrace your inner Barbie and let your playful spirit shine with a fabulous array of dazzling, eye-catching pieces that will make heads turn wherever you go. We’re talking about outfits that scream confidence, joy, and pure fashion awesomeness! 

I had the chance to visit Miss Circle’s location in New York, and the store is to live for! What was once a former art gallery off of SoHo’s West Broadway has become a new fashion pillar for women of all sizes. Miss Circle has fabulous dresses for every occasion, and they are certainly no stranger to the color pink. The store’s ambiance and extremely friendly team will welcome you openly. I promise it’s every girls fantasy and you will feel like a princess!

If you live in NYC, you should definitely make it a date with your girlfriends. You will love the interior and you will definitely want to take several pieces home.

To watch my trending reel playing dress up at Miss Circle‘s store in SoHo NY, click here!

To shop Miss Circle click here!

Chinese Laundry

Pair your favorite pink dress from Miss Circle with Chinese Laundry‘s No Prob Platform Sandal. These are the perfect platforms that make walking in heels comfortable and worth it! They also come in the colors mint and gold. Depending on the color I’m either feeling like a princess or a mermaid, truly the perfect feeling for a summer like this one!


@jslidesfootwear |

Dress in comfort with these cute slides and sneakers from J/Slides! I absolutely love the SQUISH Fuchsia/Red EVA. They provide stellar support and have so much bounce I’m ready to start jumping! best way to describe the feeling is like the boots that make you jump super high when playing “Subway Surfers”.

Giant Vintage BOOKWORM Square Sunglasses

These are the ultimate shades to step in looking glamorous. Like, who is she!

Patet Drunk In Love Candle

Ever wonder what Pink would smell like if it were a candle? Look no further than Patet Drunk In Love Candle.

Patet Hydra Bloom Pearl Frangipani Shimmer Oil

A must have shimmer oil for the summer!


Senior Editor: Shirley Reynozo @moyamusic_

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