How Your Period Affects Tattoo Pain

Tattoos hurt, there’s no questioning it. But did you know that your good ol’ time-of-the-month affects just how much they hurt?

This is not just an old wives’ tale, either. I double checked with Jes of Brooklyn’s Nice Tattoo Parlor, and she knows her sh*t.

So here’s the deal. I have never gotten a tattoo before, but I’ve had my fair share of bikini waxes. And it’s common knowledge that when you’re getting your nether regions depillated, the best time to do it is the week after your period. That’s when your pain tolerance is highest, the waxers swear.

Conversely, the days when you have your period, you feel the most pain. So you should never get a wax while menstruating. (It seems like bad manners anyway, but that’s beside the point.)

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Last week, Jes came by the Galore office to ink up some of our most loyal readers. And I just had to ask her — does the period principle apply to tattoo pain just like waxing pain?

Yes, she confirmed, it absolutely does. Your pain tolerance all over your body fluctuates with your flow, so it even applies if you’re getting inked on your arm or something. In fact, Jes will sometimes advise clients to come back at a later date if they come to see her and are having their period.

I haven’t found any studies to back any of this up — guess tattoo and Brazilian wax pain reduction is not high on most scientists’ priority list — but anecdotally, I can say it’s true for waxing so it’s probably true for ink.

Go forth and do with that knowledge what you will! Just please don’t get any Pinterest tats.

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