The Perfect Halloween Costume Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween is little over a month away, but trust me time is going to fly by fast. So, it’s time to start planning costume ideas.

But there are way too many options out there, so we figured out what costume is going to fit your personality best according to astrology.

1. Aries: The Bride in “Kill Bill”

Aries is dominated by the warrior planet Mars. So, you’re constantly fighting off negative bs. Why not look cool doing it like, Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”?

2. Taurus: Marilyn Monroe

Old-fashioned Taurus, you’d look perfect in a classic look and there’s nothing like trying Marilyn Monroe.

3. Gemini: That Blue Thing in “X-Men”

Very few understand your dual personality, Gemini. Maybe they’ll get the hint if you’re Mystique from “X-Men.”

4. Cancer: Catwoman

Cancer, now you can still be emotional and hot at the same time.

5. Leo: Cinderella

A Leo’s aura of royalty captures the attention of many. So, it’s only obvious to be a princess.

6. Virgo: Nun

Your innocence is your defining trait, so dress up like a lifelong virgin why don’t ya?

7. Libra: Hippie

Peacemaker Libra knows a lot about zen. So do ’70s hippies!

8. Scorpio: Witch

Fiery Scorpio is not one to mess with and what character is more relatable than a witch?

9. Sagittarius: School Girl

Savvy Sagittarius, you love to learn! Can’t go wrong with a school girl costume.

10. Capricorn: Queen Elsa

Your leadership ways have earned you a crown. We announce you, queen!

11. Aquarius: ’80s Aerobics Instructor

Everyone loves your enthusiastic attitude! Very similar to an aerobics instructor.

12. Pisces: Little Mermaid

You’re a water sign. Duh… little mermaid!

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