A List of People Who’ll Love the Live Action ‘Beauty & the Beast’

The full trailer for Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Beauty & the Beast came out today and while some people are bound to think it’s stupid/unnecessary/lame, here’s a list of people I think will absolutely love it:

1. People who use the term “adulting”
2. People who aspire to one day hold gender reveal parties for their unborn babies
3. People who honeymoon in Disney World
4. People who shared Leslie Knope’s post-Election Day open letter on Facebook
5. People who can’t wear thongs because it’s too uncomfortable
6. People who have thought about joining a Facebook pyramid scheme
7. People with a beach-themed downstairs bathroom
8. People whose idea of a lit holiday party is a cookie baking party
9. People who describe their friends as Sex and the City characters
10. People who secretly miss Uggs
11. People  who want to talk about Uggs
12. People who hope their parents give them Uggs for Christmas so that they “have to” wear them again

If you know anybody like this, you should probably send them an e-mail with a link to the trailer immediately.

Chances are they’ve already seen it and posted a copy of the trailer to their Facebook wall with at least three exclamation points, two different emojis and a claim that they know at least one good thing that’ll happen in Trump’s America, but it’ll make their day that you thought of them.

And then you should maybe unfriend them on Facebook, because chances are they’re the worst.

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