People Are Selling Fake Kylie Products With Glue in Them

We don’t even need to tell you that there’s a big market for fake products.

From the fake Chanel bags they sell on the side of the street to the fake meat they sell to desperate vegetarians, counterfeit culture is alive and well.

Whether its because Kylie’s lip kits sell out faster than you can find your credit card in the disaster zone better known as your room or people actually trust an anonymous Ebay seller to be honest with them, there’s an awful lot of fake Kylie products being sold right now.

Kylie took to Twitter and Instagram yesterday to rant about how many fake Kylie products are making the rounds, and believe it or not, she wasn’t pissed about losing the revenue, she was pissed because some of those fakes are being made with shit you should never put near your face.

Like glue.

And gasoline.

And other things that can make your mouth get all infected and gross.

So yeah, if you want to get your hands on some Kylie Cosmetics, just suck it up and wait for the real thing.

Your face is too important to play guinea pig on.

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