Everyone Loves Taking Selfies But Nobody Likes Looking At Other People’s

Everyone has that one friend, the one who posts a zillion selfies.

You’re a supportive friend, so you comment “yassss” and lots of fire emojis, but in reality, you think she needs to chill TF out. After all, you’re sick of seeing her face, is that so bad?

Well, it’s not so bad. Because nobody likes looking at other people’s selfies, they only like taking their own.

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A new study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that people think their own selfies are cute, but think other people’s selfies are tacky. The study used the words “ironic” and “authentic” in terms of how people viewed their own selfies, and “self-promotional” and “inauthentic” when describing how people felt about others’ selfies. This was dubbed the “selfie paradox” by the study’s author.

In fact, of the 238 people surveyed, 82 percent of them said they’d rather look at other photos besides selfies. And yet, of those same people, 77 percent of them reported taking selfies.

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This goes back to the idea that everybody thinks they’re the exception, when in fact, they’re not. You know, you think everyone’s selfies are annoying and attention-seeking, but you think yours are cute and candid.

Hate to break this to you, but if you’re a serial selfie taker, everyone is probably judging you. Change it up and ask your roomie to take a pic of you next time you’re feeling yourself, people will hate you less!

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