How to Nail the Metallic Flecked Hair Look

Remember when everyone was wearing glitter roots in their hair?

It def seemed like a great way to cover up when you didn’t have the time or money to get your roots touched up, right? But it also seemed like a hot-mess for your bathroom, considering we all know that glitter likes to get everywhere and is nearly impossible to clean.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get holiday-worthy hair for NYE or the next rave you’re attending, because now people have started using metallic foil in their hair, which seems a lot more manageable than glitter, am I right?

Kevin Murphy hairstylist Sarah Lund is spearheading the hair foiling trend with some of her latest work. Here’s how to get the look:


1. Prep Hair

Sarah recommends prepping your hair with a setting lotion such as this one, or any other product to give your hair extra volume and stay-power.

2. Style Hair

To get this look, Sarah used a curling iron held horizontally to create some soft waves, she then smoothed it over with a brush. If you have natural curls, you could probably just brush them out for a similar effect.

3. Choose Your Target

Before going crazy all over your mane, decide on a specific area where you want to do the foil accents.

“It looks amazing along the part line or in the hair tucked behind your ear around the hairline,” says Sarah. “Remember, this is a statement, so a little goes a long way!

5. Stick Em On

Sarah says to use SESSION.SPRAY wherever you want the foil to stick. Make sure to cover a smaller area than you want, because you’re going to spread it out later.

“Allow the spray to become tacky and gently place the foil flecks randomly on the section, patting in with a small makeup brush,” says Sarah. “Spray over everything and allow to completely dry.”

4. Break It Up

So it doesn’t look like you have weirdly huge chunks of metallic foil in your hair, use a eyeshadow brush to lightly tap the foil break up the pieces. Let the pieces naturally cascade through your hair for an effortless glam look, and you’re all set.

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