A mogul at home: Paris Hilton lets us in

We’ve seen so many sides of Paris Hilton — everything from “The Simple Life” reality star to jet-setting international DJ to marketing and business genius with the multiplatform empire to match.

But today, as we launch Paris’ second Galore cover (peep the first here!), we’re learning what it’s like when the OG reality TV business queen chills at home.

Up until now, Paris has been tight-lipped about her relationship with Chris Zylka. But we got her to open up not only about how they met, but also what it’s like to be a type-A boss babe in a relationship — something all our Galore girls can relate to, no?

Read on for Paris’ relationship tips and future plans, plus some steamy pics of the world’s most glamorous homebody lounging around her LA manse (in diamonds, LV bikinis and Paris Hilton Cosmetics and fragrances, obvi).

How did you and your boyfriend meet?

Chris and I met seven years ago, during an Oscar party being held at the Chateau Marmont. As soon as he walked through the door, we looked at one another; we’re both shy so it took a while, but by the end of the night we couldn’t stop laughing and flirting.

How did you know you two had a real connection? Was there a particular moment?

On our first date he came over to my house. We stayed up all night talking & getting to know each other. When we had our first kiss I felt that electric feeling and knew there was something special about him.

So many couples fall into the boring Netflix and chill trap. How do you make sure you still have time to be social and go out while having a boyfriend?

Actually my favorite thing to do is to be at home with him. He is my best friend and we always have the most amazing time together. For work, I have to be out and be social all the time. So in my private time, I would much rather be at home in bed watching TV with my boyfriend and puppies than out at a club.

This is the first public relationship you’ve had in a while. What made you decide to share it with the world?

For the first time, it feels so right. He’s perfect for me. He’s my best friend, so loyal, kind, caring and sweet. He has such a big heart, I trust him with my life and know he would never hurt me. I’m so proud to let the world know he’s mine and I’m his.

What are some issues you’ve run into while dating as a powerful woman who’s in control of her own career and empire?

Most guys would be intimidated by something like that, but Chris is not like that at all. He is so proud and supportive of me and lets me know every single day. He is always there for me and I feel so blessed to have a man like this in my life.

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Many women learn about power dynamics in relationships from their parents. How did your mom teach you how to maintain your independence in a relationship?

My mom always taught me to respect myself and find someone who loves me for me and no other reason. Someone that I can trust implicitly.
My mom and dad have been together since they were teenagers. Their relationship has always been such a huge inspiration to me. Chris reminds me a lot like my dad, they are both such genuine, pure souls.

Do you think you’ll ever have children yourself?

I can’t wait for that day! Just seeing how happy Lily-Grace makes my sister makes me want them even more. I know I will be the best mom!

What’s your ideal day with your boyfriend?

We have fun no matter what we do. But my ideal day would be having a day off from work, sleeping in. Then cooking a big breakfast and hanging out at the house with our pets. Then going to Disneyland to go on all the rides. We are both kids at heart so we love doing things like that.

What’s the best first date fragrance — something sexy or something girly? Or something totally unexpected?

The best fragrance to wear on the first date is my newest fragrance, Rosé Rush. It is such a sexy scent that will make your date never forget you. For guys, I love it when Chris wears Paris Hilton for Men.

If you could give relationship advice to girls in their 20s, what would it be?

My best advice would be for girls to respect themselves and know that a guy always wants he can’t get. So I would advise them to be confident and know they deserve the best and to not let anyone take advantage of them.

On Paris: Dress and bag by Moschino | Choker by Sparkl Fairy Couture | Shoes by Paris Hilton | Gloves and sunglasses Paris’ own | On Chris: Suit by Lucky Brand | Glasses Paris’ own

Bikini by Freak City LA | Shoes by Paris Hilton | Accessories Paris’ own

Kimono by Sparkl Fairy Couture | Bustier, shorts, nicklace and ring Paris’ own | Shoes by Paris Hilton

Dress by Freak City LA | Choker and kimono by Sparkl Fairy Couture | Shoes by Paris Hilton | Rings, earrings, jewels, vest Paris’ own

Glasses by Sparkl Fairy Couture | Necklace by Naked Wardrobe | Kimono by Haus of Pink Lemonade | Shoes by Paris Hilton

Bikini by Julia Clancey | Coat by House of CB | Choker Paris’ own

Dress by Lethicia Atelier | Shoes by Paris Hilton | Crown and necklace Paris’ own

Dress and bikini by Bunny Holiday | Coat by Christian Cowan | Shoes by Paris Hilton | Choker by Naked Wardrobe | Sunglasses by Material Memorie

Jeans by Paris Hilton | Belt Paris’ own

Photography and Creative Direction by Prince and Jacob

Hair by Johnny Stunts

Makeup by Shyann Swisher using Paris Hilton Cosmetics

Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn

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