Panic! At The Disco Fans Are Turning Each Show Into a Rainbow

Panic! At the Disco fans came up with a new way to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community — and be artsy as fuck while doing it!

As audience members enter the venue at each show on the band’s current tour, fans pass out different colored paper hearts with the words and the PATD lyric “love is not a choice” on them. The hearts have instructions telling fans to to hold them up with their cell phone lights behind them — making for a huge stadium of rainbow lights — during the song, “Girls/Girls/Boys.”

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The fans would arrange the paper hearts so they would be sectioned into creating a rainbow Pride flag when seen from afar — and somehow, they’ve coordinated this in EVERY city the tour stopped in.

Before Brendon rips into the song in concert, he ties a rainbow flag around his microphone, and as he sings, famous LGBTQ celebrities grace the screens behind him — including Ellen Degeneres and Anderson Cooper.

If you hadn’t heard, frontman Brendon Urie had been formerly questioned in 2013 about his sexuality when the band originally released the song, “Girls/Girls/Boys” from the album “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die.” Though he’s said he’s experimented in the past with homosexuality and bisexuality, he ended up marrying a woman named Sarah — but even now, he by no means will hold back from telling you when he thinks a guy is hot or that he fully supports sexual fluidity.

The best part is that this wasn’t a gimmick the band organized to get political attention, as according to Brendon’s Instagram — he was surprised with what the fans had put together.

So maybe save that last bit of faith you have from crumbling to the floor  — for this exemplifies people with actual hearts still do exist.

…and I mean, Brendon Urie for President in 2018? Anyone? I’ll make the bumper stickers.


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