Olympic Fencer Miles Chamley-Watson Is Too Hot for Tinder

This #mancrushmonday, our sights are set on one of the foremost hotties to come out of this year’s Olympic Games: fencer Miles Chamley-Watson.

Miles is hot off a bronze win at the Rio Olympics. The Penn State alum is also a Ralph Lauren fencer and, as the photos below prove, a regulation hottie.

Is Tinder in Rio as amazing as all the news outlets are making it out to be?

To be honest I have heard this, but I don’t use any Tinder. I feel like I’m the village it’s super easy to talk to whoever you want.

What’s your dating app of choice?

I don’t use any dating apps. I think New York City is the best dating app possible.

Do you find that sex before a match can help you do better?

Honestly, I feel like it doesn’t matter. I feel that if I’m on I’m on. I don’t think sex is going to make any difference.

How do your fencing skills transfer over to the bedroom?

I will leave that answer to the ladies, but let’s just say I have no problem using my sword.

What Olympic sport has the hottest people in your opinion?

That’s tough because a lot of sports have beautiful people individually. So, umm maybe field hockey or soccer.

What’s the first thing you’ll be doing as soon as you get home from Rio?

The first I will do will be going out with my boys to celebrate.

What would you be doing if you weren’t competitively fencing?

I think I would be playing professional soccer. I love sports.

What’s something every girl should know about dating an athlete?

Every girl should know that if you’re dating an athlete, practice comes before you.

What’s your favorite sex position?

All of them.

Photos by Jared Ryder

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