The o-ring’s evolution from thotty to hottie

Alright, let’s be honest. We all know that some chokers can resemble dog collars, specifically the chokers with an actual ring to attach a dog leash to. I remember the first time I basically wore a dog collar with a circle ring to a party, and everyone kept joking about how they were going to put me on a leash. But, that was almost 2 years ago. So, what the fuck is that ring even called, and why has it become fashionable?

Most websites are referring to this detail as an o-ring, but its not as simple as that. Its called the Ring of O, and it is a distinctive symbol used among people who practice BDSM. The name comes from the main female character in a novel titled “Story of O.” In the story, the ring is worn by a female slave after they have completed their “training.” Once they have, they must be obedient to any man who is part of the society they trained for.

This is not going to be an article about BDSM if that’s what you were thinking, so let’s cut to the chase. BDSM and “fetish” items have become widely popular in western societies’ by the gothic subculture, heavy metal and “avant garde” fashion. Well, this popular symbol isn’t so avant garde anymore, because it’s literally on everything.

It started out with thick leather chokers attached by a single ring, and now these rings have kind of lost their meaning, at least in the fashion world. They’re on belts, shirts, pants, shoes, bracelets, bags, and more. They’re pretty much taking over.

Sorry Hot Topic, but your chokers simply aren’t cutting it anymore.

Here’s a list of some badass items with the o-ring, and don’t worry, no one’s going to think you like to be put on a leash. Unless you’re into it!

1. O-ring swimsuit

PrettyLittleThing Ring Detail Lace Up Swimsuit

Calling all ladies searching for the sexiest one-piece, cause this suit is fucking HOT. It shows the perfect amount of skin if your looking for that suit that’s not quite a bikini but not quite a one piece. You could definitely consider this piece as more of a “soft goth” item.


2. O-ring Lanyard


ASOS Oversized Ring Detail Lanyard

Having a boring outfit day? If you don’t want to add a pop of color, add this lanyard on your trousers for a little flare. The o-ring basically shows that your not a girl to be fucked with. Watch. Out.


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3. O-ring earrings

Drop O-ring earrings

If there was a modern-day Cleopatra who had more of a gothic grungey vibe, she would probably wear these earrings. They’re bold, gold, and chunky af. You could pair these with any gold clothing/accessories you have and look amaze.


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4. Pull ring blouse

White pull ring cropped blouse 

Need a blouse thats acceptable for going out or for going to work? This white little number can go either way and make any outfit look cute. Do not let anyone else pull down that ring except for yourself, okay? Its fragile.


5. Black popper hem culottes

Black zip front ring detail popper hem culottes

Need to dress up a tee or dress down your blouse? These pants are the way to go. They have a French/gothy vibe that’s sure to catch some people off guard.


6. Layered Necklace

Gold ring detail layered necklace

This necklace is pretty amazing, but the O-rings make it FIRE. The amount of o-rings definitely takes away from its original meaning. Besides, 3 different people can’t walk you on a leash at the same time (jokes, jokes).


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