I bought this teeth whitener from Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and it was almost too good

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I don’t watch the Kardashians as ironically as I thought I did. I’m not saying I plan to buy a waist trainer or get injections but I do own a few lip kits and generally when Kylie Jenner, the patron saint of products, shares something it piques my interest.

As a red wine loving, coffee drinking, social smoker I was in the market for some teeth whitener. So when my girl Kylie and her squad were posted up with the UV Light selfies of their gleaming teeth I was like, “Okay, this could work.”

I waited for a discount code, because it’s Instagram and you can do that, and then I ordered the teeth whitening kit from Express Smile Atlanta.

The kit came with 2 trays which you boil in water to mold to your teeth (yay fun), the gel syringes, and the purple light (yasssss). Then after I cooked myself up some fitting teeth molds I sat back with my purple light for 20 minutes and let the Kylie Jenner-Instagram-promoted-magic do its thing.

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The good people at Express Smile Atlanta recommend you do this every day for two weeks.

They are insane. After like four days, my teeth were literally blinding people in the sun. I had to slow down. Any longer of using this product and I might end up popping Hair Gummies and selling waist trainers online.

Unlike white strips or some of the other teeth whiteners out there which can be uncomfortable or kinda spotty, this one was super solid. I’d recommend trying it before bed since you’re not supposed to eat for about a hour after. Perhaps you might want to do it while catching a rerun of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to really complete the cycle of transformation?

My teeth are normally pretty sensitive but the whitening gel didn’t bother them at all, in fact I didn’t notice any side affects whatsoever.

When I mentioned to my dentist that I was taking things into my own hands with this kit he literally had never heard of it (or of Kylie Jenner) but didn’t really seemed too worried

As far as celebrity endorsed products go, I give this one a gold star. Just maybe pace yourself a little.

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