NYFW F/W 23 Recap – Denzel Dion Returns to NYC to Showcase His New Collection for NOID

The Los Angeles-based luxury brand NOID, created by Denzel Dion, took of NYFW in the most creative way possible. Renting out the basement of a marvelous church off of Grand Street, Denzel returns home to NYC to give us an experience worth a lifetime.

NOID is a genderless brand based in Los Angeles that offers you an alternative to restrictive clothing choices. Instead of existing in the limit the world currently provides, we choose to coexist beyond. Male, female, non-binary, or whoever you confidently stand to be. We identify with those who conjure the powerful, confident, resilient, and sensual vibration.

This is the official statement on NOID’s website. None of it is fluff; the runway was decorated with people of all backgrounds a fully inclusive and wonderful display of expression and identity.

Pictured: Designer of NOID, Denzel Dion,

Originally from the Bronx, Ghanian designer Denzel Dion has shown how innovative he is and how is mind continue to expand and conquer all his ideas and ambitions. In fact I’ve known Denzel since high school, going to influencer events such in NYC, Playlist Live NJ, MAGCON in Orlando, and Coachella, it’s beautiful see everything come into fruition for him.

“WOW! my first show… in NEW YORK?! honestly, growing up in the bronx to where I’m @ now is pretty insane to even comprehend. I started my brand about 3 years ago & to see my vision come to life is mind blowing. THANK YOU TO MY MF TEAM — karen,tajma, & ketia we DID THAT! a special thank you to elle, thamy, daver, holy & ty, this is truly just the beginning. A GHANAIAN KID FROM THE BRONX DID THAT!” – Denzel shared with his Instagram audience.

I absolutely loved the execution of the show. Striving for perfection and alignment, the show that was meant to start at 5:30 pm was delayed and started at 6:40pm. Waiting in anticipation was all worth it once those resilient divas stepped out on the runway.

Although it was located in the basement of the church, the space resembled a warehouse, with large red columns. The models gave us several laps as they cat walked around these columns, giving us symmetry and multiple looks at once. The collection was giving leather. Period. It was what stood out the most. But of course, Denzel is a designer, and an extremely creative one at that. He also used faux fur, sequence, suede, and more.

It was divine and inspiring.

What stood out the most from Denzel’s clothing line is the ways in which the clothes had wide fits. Every piece was a statement piece; you could buy everything off of the NOID catalogue and deliver a different look. Of course the most heart warming part was seeing his younger sister, Dolce, closing out the show with her ornate hair style, face on beat, walk on killer. She did that.

Here are some images taken by me to highlight BTS and some of those captivating moments caught on the runway for NOID.

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To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_


To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_

To connect with my photography account follow @dtba_


Photographer: Shirley Reynozo @dtba_

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