Our 5 favorite trends from NYFW 2018

As fashion month reaches its final destination in Paris, it’s always important to stop, reflect, and look back at some of the most noteworthy moments.

Many of these moments seem to take place not on the runway, but on the streets outside the shows.

New York’s street style always has that certain je ne sais quoi to offer that keeps Fashion Week interesting.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best New York street style moments from this season. We’ve narrowed it down to a few straightforward, hard-hitting trends that everybody seems to be on board with, shot by Jackie Barr.

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Statement accessories that matter

Pictured Center: Eva Chen with her daughter Ren

Whether that statement accessory be a wearable taco, a life-sized puppy purse (the only thing that could make that scenario any better is if there were an actual puppy inside of it (that would have been so meta), or your actual literal daughter, having something cool to supplement your actual outfit is always recommended.

Two’s a crowd, three’s a party

Pictured Right: Gabriela Medina, Carolina Lindo &  Andrea Salazar

Well, in this case, two’s a party too, especially if you coordinate with your other half as pictured above (camo squared is always good, and it seems that everyone got the floral dress memo except me). Moral of the story: friends who shop and style together, stay together.

Color loyalty

Pictured Center: Style blogger Liliana Nova

So it turns out monochrome is here to stay (likely forever). If done right, it’s always an effective look. Picking a less expected color like a cobalt blue always looks cool, but sticking to classics like brown and millennial pink will never ever fail you. Bonus points for the Gucci fannypack and the Chanel crossbody.

Suit SZN

Pictured Right: Venance Chiepodeu

It’s always suit season if you’re that gal, but I feel like Fashion Week brings out that gal in all of us. Fashion Week is here to remind us how fun suits can actually be, as exhibits A and B show us here. If you’re worried about being cold because homeostasis is a thing, just take a note from this gorgeous show-goer, throw a fur coat over your suit and level up. Walk straight to the front row and take a seat on the throne you’ve dressed for.

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With regard to coats, bigger is better

With regard to a lot of things, bigger is better. Hair, iPhone…you get the picture. That being said, Oversized everything is still very much happening, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. When it comes to huge coats, playing with proportions is always a good idea, whether that means wearing something more fitted underneath (see far right photo) or wearing cool-ass boxy pants. Oh, and hello millennial pink. Again.

Keep it Claritin Clear

Transparency is having a moment (fashion is actually so funny and ridiculous sometimes, like I can’t believe that’s a real sentence that I just said). Perhaps it’s our overcompensating for what our government is lacking (no tea no shade) but in either case, we’re here for the clear. Ohh rhyming is fun. Sure, a clear umbrella is cool, but where’s your clear plastic rain-proof hat, huh? Or your transparent bag that lowkey shows off your not-transparent very fancy Saint Laurent Paris clutch?! Get with the winning team!

Though these trends were the main takeaways, here are some bonus situations that the kids are very much into, also:

–  Teeny tiny bags/fanny packs that fit absolutely nothing in them.

– Teeny tiny tinted glasses (such a fun alliteration) to be worn in the same outfit.

– Sneakers instead of heels for sure, but wait they’re $3,000.

– Knee high boots, red boots, pointed-toed boots, every single boot (but namely those ones).

It’s always great to see what people come up with each year, and the trends that resonate and persist through the following months. And since Fashion Week street style tends to inform the rest of the season, you now know what’s coming your way.

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Photography by Jackie Barr

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