Everyone’s wearing dried-out produce as earrings now

Imagine grocery shopping whilst having dried fruit dangling from your ear, people will be so thrown because they’ll be like “is she shopping for clothing or nourishment? who’s to know…”.

With the fashion-sphere increasing in size by the day (well, it’s honestly more like the hour, second, or millisecond, but let’s not get too existential) and ideas being thrown around at the speed of sound for the entire world to see, lots of people are sort of end up doing and wearing the same things.

But perhaps even more so, people are being encouraged and inspired to try new things and differentiate themselves in some way shape form or…fruit.

At least three times on Instagram this week, I’ve born witness to Cool Insta Girls sporting food in their earholes.

Now although some daring ladies did start picking up on this look last year, I feel like the time is ripe (get it) for this trend to take off. We’re in a time such that people are no longer afraid to have fun with fashion, in fact it’s encouraged (see ‘Vetememes‘ post here) and people are really embracing irony and humor in the context of fashion.

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First, I came across this post, and definitely stared at it for longer than I should have:

Initially I thought, hmm. This is probably just a one-off thing. This is super cool (it’s in my IG saves, I’ll admit it) and I’m very down for the cause, but I wasn’t sure it’d be something to really look out for in terms of the larger ear-having population (the population being larger, not the ears).

That is until I stumbled across this photo a few days ago:

Hello its me w new cucumber earring!!

A post shared by @ jonimitchellontherun on

I mean if you plan on dangling anything at all form your ears and said things happen to be edible, they may as well be a healthy snack rich in Vitamin C and whatnot (yeah, the flu’s bad, but have you ever had scurvy?).

But in all seriousness, this look is surprisingly effective. I feel like there’s no way to really attain it other than actually going to the grocery store (or local farmer’s market, if fast fashion isn’t your thing) and actually purchasing fresh produce for said mission. Anything short of this seems like a lack of commitment to the cause, thanks to these women who just raised the bar.

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Vegetables are also an acceptable substitute, which perhaps I should have led with:

The girl with the pete earring

A post shared by Louise Cehofski (@louisecehofski) on

I feel like you’d be lying if you insisted that looking at this didn’t at least kind of make you want to try it. I mean I’m not sure where you stand on cucumbers (they can be quite the divisive food) but they do unequivocally make the Ultimate Hoop Earring. They’re pre-hooped (circular) and super stackable, so as to achieve desired earring length. If you’re fundamentally against cucumbers, maybe try eggplant as a suitable substitute, or kiwi! Or zucchini. I’m getting carried away.

I think once you get past the fact that these are things we typically eat, this trend isn’t even that weird and honestly seemed kind of inevitable. I mean, we’ve been playing with our food since day one, and we certainly play with our clothes, too. Who says you can’t wear food or eat clothing?! Is this not a democratic republic?!

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What do you think? Is Trader Joe’s the new Claire’s? Discuss.

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