There’s a Vetements knockoff brand called Vetememes and you have to see this

Yeah, we’re serious.

Most of the time when something sounds too good to be true… it is.

In this case though, dream has become reality and our trash meme culture has manifested itself in a surprisingly beautiful way that fashion editors, nerds and hypebeasts can all appreciate.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Vetememes, the Vetements parody brand that we didn’t know we needed but that we all deserve:

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Looks like Vetements:

Smells like Vetements:

But nooope. Memes.

This brand is nothing short of genius. Vetements made its name by making plain clothes high end, and making you want to sober-spend $1,000 on a sweatshirt, no questions asked.

Vetememes brings you the same exact look, fit, and vibe for like a tenth of the cost (the merch ranges from about $50 to $150). And plus…it’s really funny. And the word play doesn’t stop at the brand name. One of the knockoff hoodies parodies Vetements’ “Total Fucking Darkness” Hoodie and instead has “Total Fucking Dankness” written in the same font. Get it? Dank memes? I’m laughing.

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Plus, remember that $300 DHL Vetements tee everyone had? This one’s cooler:

As we all know, fashion is having a weird moment of tension and assimilation wherein knockoffs are being embraced and reappropriated by the brands that are being knocked off. Marc Jacobs just did a collaboration with Instagrammer avanope to produce a “Mark Jacobes” homemade-style hoodie:

Simiarly, Diesel just orchestrated a hugely clever campaign called #Gowiththeflaw, wherein they set up a knockoff-style booth on Canal street in New York with shirts that read ‘Deisel’ instead of Diesel:

Whether you like it or not, ironic fashion is very much a thing now. That being said, this is the perfect time for a brand like Vetememes to have its time in the sun.

But wait, there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that).

They also have a new line of Balenciaga knockoffs, titled “Boolenciaga” (obviously):

Get your fake fix here.

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