What NYC neighborhood you are based on your zodiac sign

Every neighborhood in Manhattan has characteristics that set it apart from the others, just like each zodiac sign does. Don’t get offended if you call yourself SoHo, but your sign says you’re actually NoLiTa.

1. Aquarius

Y’all are weird af, but everyone loves you for it. And on top of that, you guys are just straight up humanitarians and are always helping people before yourself first. Aquariuses are the most friendly of the signs.

You guys are most like Chelsea. All the quirks of Chelsea match yours exactly. Home to the Whitney Museum, there is enough art and creativity to stimulate both your left and right sides of the brain to keep you interested and engaged with your surroundings since you tend to have short attention spans and can’t stand conversations that lack substance.

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2. Pisces

Can you say NoLita? Home to small, independent businesses and the famous Pietro Nolita (the pink restaurant!!), everything about NoLita is cute. Just like you. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Pisces as well.

Pisces are daydreamers, so what’s more perfect than posting up at Elizabeth Street Garden to watch the clouds on your summer afternoons? The vibe there is super chill and drama-free, which I know all Pisces like. We tend to gravitate towards more peaceful, quiet environments rather than loud, messy ones. Those are for the Leos and Arieses.

3. Aries

I don’t know why you guys are always yelling, but that makes you perfect for the East Village. All the young kids and 20-somethings are always partying in the East Village, bar hopping and screaming down 14th St. at 4:30 a.m. every night. Since you are the party animal of the zodiac signs, you are perfect for the East Village since everyone there seems to be in college and down to drink sixteen tequila shots in a row.

4. Taurus

The little earth lovers of the group. You’re the Greenwich Village of the signs because of how humble you are. That doesn’t mean you aren’t the shit, because most people who live in Greenwich are bosses at their jobs and have money, but you don’t talk much about what you have, which is cool because you never treat anyone else differently based on their financial circumstances.

Greenwich reminds me of flowers hanging off of balconies and wealthy people walking their French bulldogs at 7 a.m. See why it fits for you?

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5. Gemini

You guys are two-faced as hell, and I’m not here for it. But, if I must continue, you remind me of the Times Square area. You’re like one of those characters who ask to take a picture with me for MY ‘gram, but truth is, you just like to scam people, and since I’m a Pisces, I trust you. But I get it now, you just want my money.

You guys are the life of the party (half of the time), so Times Square is perfect for you. All the flashing lights and crowds of people boost your energy, but when the calmer side of you comes out, you can just walk further into Midtown for some peace and quiet.

6. Cancer

The sweetest and second most emotional sign of the group. You have to be the Upper West Side where all the iconic New York museums are because that’s where people go on dates, appreciate art, and take cute Instagram pictures. You guys don’t cause much drama, so a quiet art scene is a great representation of you. But I gotta say, when you guys are in love, you turn insane, but don’t all artists?  I mean, Van Gogh cut his ear off for a girl.

7. Leo

The queen of all the signs. You are SoHo because you’re poppin. Probably the most confident and bold sign, Leos are SoHo because that’s where all the coolest pop-ups and events go off. You’ll find stores like Supreme and Palace in SoHo with lines of people going around the entire block just because SoHo people love hyping shit up. People flock to you because your energy attracts crowds, and you’re naturally a leader. There’s a reason why lionesses are the boss ass bitches of the safari.

8. Virgo

The most non-problematic of the group, Virgos are the Upper East Side. Literally nothing happens there unless you’re in an episode of “Gossip Girl”, but you’re not. Virgos can be seen strolling through Central Park on Sunday mornings and stopping to get coffee at the closest Starbucks because it’s just the easiest coffee shop to go to. Little kids in their private school uniforms walk home alone there because of how safe it is. You can probably actually hear crickets at night in the Upper East Side. I don’t remember the last time that place got wild.

9. Libra

The creative, but most indecisive of the signs, Libras are definitely Chinatown. There’s just a lot going on in their heads, but you know they mean well- just like those knockoff designer bags people sell in Chinatown. The idea of it is good, but the reality is just too much. No shade though! Libras are always a good time, and so is Chinatown. I mean, even Glossier decided to set up camp there.

10. Scorpio

You guys are usually pretty bubbly in person but have an extremely dark side. Very reminiscent of the Lower East Side where all the gritty dive bars are. Scary to black out in, but very cute for the Instagram pictures! Everyone knows to leave a Scorpio and the LES alone when things get a little too intense, but at lease they’re fun to be around when things are going good!

11. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius needs to be free, which is exactly why Union Square reminds me of you. There are performers and hippies holding “Free hugs!” signs literally every hour of the day, and you can even join a drum circle if you’re there at the right time. All the free spirits seem to congregate to Union Square, and they’re actually all probably Sagittariuses.

12. Capricorn

The winter babies. Capricorns are most like the Financial District because of how motivated they are. Every Capricorn I have ever met is Ivy League bound or close to it. Success is everything to them, and John Legend is even a Capricorn. I think that’s enough proof that Capricorns always go far in life. These people are going to rule the world one day, and cash rules everything around them.

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