Botoxing Your Gut Could Be The Next Big Weight Loss Trend

The latest new potential weight loss trend repurposes another popular form of self-improvement: Botox.

A new study tested the effect of Botox on the stomachs of twenty severely overweight test participants in Norway, Shape reported. The patients all had BMIs ranging from 35 to 44, and received two injections, spaced six months apart. After a year, 70 percent of the patients had lost on average 17 percent of the weight that the scientists identified from the “excess weight” each needed to lose to reach a healthy BMI. After 18 months (and three injections), 75% of the patients had lost about 28% of their excess weight.

The study is obviously made up of only a small pool of participants, but plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman says that studies testing Botox aren’t new. They are, evidently, still fairly sketchy in terms of safety.

“Botox injections are not 100 percent safe in this location,” he said to Shape. Stomach injections require riskier medical procedures, including sedation and an endoscope, which means sticking a tube down your throat, down into your stomach. Doesn’t sound too appealing.

Stay tuned for updates on Botox weight loss. If the Kardashians end up endorsing it, you can bet it’ll be the next trend.


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