North West Is Not Impressed By ‘Cats’

North West is only three years old, but she’s already learned something it takes ordinary children an entire adolescence to learn: musical theatre is for lame-os.

Yesterday Nori’s least famous auntie, Kourtney, decided it would be fun to take all the baby Kardashian spawn who were forced to spend the week in New York while their parents gag over fashion on a field trip to see a Broadway show.

Kourtney also decided it would be fun to go backstage to meet the cast and take fun pictures that all those children will likely be embarrassed by some day.

That is, all those children except North.

North will never be embarrassed by them because instead of looking like she’s having the time of her life, North looks like she’d rather be anywhere than in a room surrounded by a bunch of adults in creepy cat costumes.

Us too, Nori.

Welcome to the unofficial circle of Hell better known by its Christian name, Cats.

May your Auntie never play such a cruel trick on you again.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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