North West Already Knows Not to Mess Up Kim’s Makeup on Camera

There are precocious celebrity children and then there’s North West, who already understands the first rule of being a reality star’s child: don’t mess up your mommy’s makeup when the cameras are rolling.

During what we can only assume is a routine conversation where Kim asks North whether or not she should have another baby, North expertly changed the subject by saying, “I just want read thif thif,” and then handed Kim a book.

But as soon as Kim started to read thif thif, Nori turned to her and asked the magic question: “do you have makeup on?”

After Kim assured her she didn’t and Nori did her own spot check to make sure Kimmy wasn’t testing her. Then, Nori proceeded to go ham on kissing her mother’s face.

Kids, they learn so fast.

[H/T Excuse U Bitch?]

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