Noah Cyrus Is Making Music Now Since Miley’s Busy Being Miley

Since Miley Cyrus can’t seem to be bothered right now about releasing music, her lil sister Noah Cyrus has graciously decided to pick up the slack.

Today Noah released her very first single ever called “Make Me (Cry),” and as you can probably gather from the title, it’s very deep and very 16-year-old.

For example, in the chorus, instead of literally singing “make me cry,” Noah instead sings the words “make me” and then substitutes the sound of a faucet dripping for the word “cry.”

It’s actually pretty adorable.

Noah may have a few more years before she gets on Miley’s level, but we’re eternally grateful that now we can say there’s at least one Cyrus making music right now.

[H/T Perez]

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