Nicole Scherzinger to Ruin ‘Dirty Dancing: Live’ With Pro-Life Beliefs

Here’s another great example of a famous person being decidedly less cool about things than you’d expect: Nicole Scherzinger — Pussycat Doll extraordinaire — is super against abortion.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Scherzinger revealed that she seriously thought about turning down what we’re sure was a very lucrative role in the new Dirty Dancing TV adaptation because her character gets an abortion. 

“I was like a crazy thing because, my family, my papa’s a bishop and my family’s really hardcore against abortion,” Nicole said. “So I got the role and I almost didn’t take it because I didn’t want to promote abortion.”

Now, if you’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, either because you’re too young or your parents didn’t love you enough to force classic cinema down your throat, here’s all you need to know: the abortion subplot is what makes the movie cool.

Basically, Nicole’s character is a professional dancer who’s fucking this hot waiter who the main character’s sister is also fucking. This should make her public enemy #1, but when she realizes she’s pregnant, everything changes.

In a heroic effort to get the cool kids to like her, the main character asks her dad to borrow money to pay for Nicole’s character’s abortion, and she spends the rest of the movie learning how to dance so that she can take Nicole’s character’s place so she won’t miss her gigs and forfeit the salary she desperately needs. 

It’s incredibly feminist for an 80s chick flick. Unsurprisingly, the film was written by a woman. It’s one of the only mainstream movies to openly discuss abortion, so it’s not a stretch to assume “Dirty Dancing” made plenty of women who’ve relied on abortion feel less alone.

Plus, it shows the dangers of illegal, back-alley abortions, which could be avoided if people were more educated about birth control and legal abortions were readily available.

But Nicole Scherzinger doesn’t care about that and is now doing everything she can to distance herself from what gives Dirty Dancing its edge.   

“I just want to you know encourage everybody to keep your babies,” Nicole said, adding that it’s her aim to shed some light on the subject “without being preachy.”


Because telling EVERYBODY TO KEEP THEIR BABIES doesn’t sound like you’re trying to be preachy at all. Can’t wait to see how Nicole uses this role as a way to make people more supportive of abortion restrictions.

Looks like somebody needs take her own advice and loosen up her buttons, amirite?

[H/T Cosmo]

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