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Alabama Barker may be the youngest of both siblings Landon and Atiana but has quickly proved that she’s the youngest in charge. The 17 year old artist took time to sit down with us for her first interview before she left for New York Fashion Week to discuss all things beauty, music and advice she gives to anyone experiencing online haters.

Photographer: Dametreus Ward

Featured Interview:

You’re really into beauty and glam. Tell us your first memory of how beauty inspired you?

My first memory of how beauty inspired me when I was very young. I would bust into my mom’s makeup and play with it prematurely until I was able to on my own.

Your father Travis Barker is one of the most successful musicians of our generation, how has he impacted your interest in music?

I always say I really have the best dad and I mean it. My father is and always will be an inspiration to me. Watching him tour with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and many more insanely talented artists and seeing how well he worked with all genres of music always inspires me, especially when it comes to my passion for music. He’s a rockstar, but a dad first. He’s taught me so much about the art of music and how I can use it as my main source of expression. His support system is unmatched and always shows me how much he believed in me.

When can we expect new music from you? Any details on what genre or what collabs are currently in the works?

I’m so excited to debut and share all the unreleased work I’ve been so focused on. I love all genres but my favorite is definitely Hip-Hop. I cannot disclose the collaborations I have in the works yet but I can’t wait to finally share and soon celebrate with all of my loyal supporters.

Your mom Shanna Moakler was a former Miss USA, how was it growing up with a real life beauty queen? Did she have a huge influence in your interest in beauty?

I’ve learned so much from my mother and all her tips to staying on point! The most valuable tip I’ve learned is that it’s not only important to uphold a standard for beauty on the outside but aim to upkeep the beauty that lives within. 

If you had to travel and bring only 3 of your holy grail beauty products, what would they be?

My three holy grail beauty products are: Concealer, Eyelashes and My lip combo

You’ve been known as “The Youngest in Charge” and that can mean many different things. Explain what that means to you?

“Youngest in Charge” means having the ability to lead even when your age may encourage people otherwise. I’m young but I know where I want to go and I have the drive to get there.

What inspires you?

My dad’s work ethic and seeing women entrepreneurs. 

Name 3 words that describe you?

Authentic, funny, down to earth

What’s your sign?

The goat of course, Capricorn.

Advice you would give to anyone who is experiencing online bullying?

The internet is an unforgiving and oftentimes dark place. My best advice to anyone experiencing online bullying is to make use of the block and mute button. People can only affect you when you allow it. Out of sight and out of mind will keep you from consuming actions set out to hurt you.

Your favorite and least favorite school subject?


What can your fans and followers expect from you in the near future?

My supporters are more than fans, they’re family and they can expect growth. Growth in my music, my channels, my beauty brand and my overall self. And I hope to continue to grow with my supporters because without them I wouldn’t have the best Alabama community in the world.

Team Credits:

Talent: Alabama Barker

EIC + Creative Director: Prince Chenoa

Stylist: Cara Gordon

Hair: Chris Dylan

Makeup: Apollo Barragan

Producer + Casting: Louie Diaz

Photographer Assistant: Francois Joseph

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