Kendall Jenner is ushering in a crazy new mini skirt trend


Ushered in by Kendall Jenner, the newest mini skirt trend is to wear asymmetrical skirts that are so short you will 100% have to wear underwear or else everybody will see your business.

It’s a lot to handle.

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On Wednesday night, Kendall hit the town and wore an army-ish version of this type of skirt.

peep the adidas tho

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Of course she looked absolutely fabulous, but she’s a model and looking absolutely fabulous in clothing is literally what she gets paid thousands of dollars for every day.

Granted, it’s nowhere near as daring as these loincloth skirts, but you can already tell that if you went out and bought Kendall’s skirt tomorrow, you’d look back at pictures of yourself in 10 years and think, what was I doing?

Still, if you’d rather live in the now, we do have one asymmetrical mini we think you might enjoy.

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This showstopper


Sacred Hawk Chainmail Mini Skirt, $78.96

Sure, it’s not an exact replica of Kendall’s skirt, but it’s in the same asymmetrical, oh look, one of my body parts is threatening to pop out and say howdy all night family. Just with your butt instead of your crotch. Plus side note: chainmail is really in right now, so this is just like killing two trend birds with one stone.


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