Kanye West’s New Music Video Is a Giant Balmain Fashion Show

Today Kanye West released a music video for “Wolves,” and it conveniently doubles as a giant Balmain fashion show.

Which is really cool if you’re into high fashion, but kind of a bummer if you’re just super into Kanye.

The video stars Kim, Kanye, Vic Mensa, Sia, Kylie Jenner, Joan Smalls, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jourdan Dunn and Cindy Crawford, dressed in head to toe Balmain, and looking moody AF.


Kim and Kanye are wearing the same Balmain outfits they wore at the Met Gala, cray cray contacts included (only this time Kim left her regular eyebrows intact) and the footage from the end of the video of Kanye and Kim making an exit onto paparazzi-filled streets at night in the rain, just about proves that at least part of this campaign was actually shot at the Met Gala after-party.

“I called Kanye and I said I would love to create a campaign around your music, your lyrics and your aesthetic,” Rousteing explained to Vogue. “I think that’s what is interesting: It is a campaign based on music.”

The result is a gorgeously moody, 6-minute long black and white film which really does fit the vibe of “Wolves,” even if it won’t result in as much dramz as Kanye’s last video.

Watch the whole thing below:

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