This New Girly Margarita Is Perfect for Day Drinking

As if we needed yet another excuse to day drink, theres a new, delish af range of Lime-a-Rita flavors, the canned margarita that has stolen our hearts for the past few summers.

Allow us to introduce you to the new flavors. Peach-a-Rita, which is basically the perfect flavor for getting turnt with your gal pals before sundown is going to be available through August. Grape-a-Rita is also becoming a permanent fixture of the line, as well as Orange-a-Rita which will be available regionally.

And if you want something lighter with a lower alcohol content, say hello to the Splash by Lime-a-Rita which comes in Coco-Nut-Rita Splash and Pine-Apple-Rita.

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They even rolled out all these amazing new flavs with an entirely new design to make the drink itself more youthful and fun, and are the perfection additions to your “get lit” arsenal.

And because the peach has basically become synonymous with a good time (thanks Kim K), they even made a website in honor of the new flavor where you can customize your very own peach emoji.

You can visit and you have the options to literally control everything about the peach, down to how shiny it is.

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