Nadia Vaeh Is Following in the Footsteps of a Goddess With Her New Song “Truth Hurts”

Are you ready to meet the most awesome brat in town? Well, buckle up, because you’re in for a wild ride! “Vox Pop” winner and Atlanta native Nadia Vaeh is capturing listeners’ attention all around the world with her stunning sound, which she describes as “brat-pop-rock”. She embraces her inner villain in her conscious songs that flip narratives and address the lows of mental health, the highs of toxic relationships, and the giant roller-coaster of living. 

Poetry and music have been a lifelong passion of hers since she inherited them from her mother, who sadly committed suicide when she was 17 years old. The devastating loss of her mother fuels Nadia’s tireless efforts to raise awareness and de-stigmatize mental health. In her early years, Nadia performed for the Atlanta Circus, where she learned how to fascinate audiences using her talents and skills to develop into the incredible person she is today.


Fast forward to the present day. A unique package -explosive and electrifying- Nadia isn’t messing around. Her music is a boon for anyone who feels excluded, anxious, or simply out of place. “I hope my songs can provide some refuge for my listeners and keep them inspired to go for their dreams,” she says. Nadia is a noble soul, trying to help everyone around her and that’s to be commended. She has received much acclaim from several publications and her music has been played in the United States and abroad. Nadia handles many different genres and takes inspiration from various cultures, including her father’s homeland, Lebanon. She has been involved with several charities including the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project. Having explored a variety of genres, Nadia’s fixation lies with pop, describing the genre as a powerful healer in her own life: “I love the vast playground of pop music and how it can transcend and connect people from all cultures. So many pop songs have helped me feel seen and understood!

Nadia recently released a powerful cover of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts,” making it her most current musical work. Covers can be challenging to assess. Do you want something similar to the original? Or maybe something more radical? I think Nadia has achieved an excellent balance of the two trends. Offering her own spin on the song while retaining the essence of the original work. Her voice is exuberant and full of passion. She has also managed to capture the emotions of the original piece, making it her own. Overall, Nadia’s cover is a respectful and powerful interpretation that stands out on its own. Nadia has a clear understanding of the original and has managed to make use of her own vocal abilities to bring something new to the table. Her vocals are full of energy and emotion, making it a captivating performance that does justice to the original work. The cover is respectful of the original piece and still manages to stand out and make an impact.

“I am a major fan of Lizzo! Her story, spirit, and music have helped me through so much. Her work has been monumental to my growth as an artist and woman. I had to do a cover of the song I discovered her by! I also wanted to celebrate her recent career milestones and growth, as well as my own growth as an artist. In the last year, I really feel like I’ve found my voice and style and gotten re-rooted in what I want to say and exactly how I want to say it! I attribute much of this to Lizzo!!”

I had a lot of fun listening to Nadia’s cover! And I believe it will be the same for anyone who dares listen. Let’s see what she has for us next time. If a cover is this good, her upcoming original song will be out of this world!

Images shot by Lola Scott

Makeup by Amber Kendrick

Styling by Nadia Vaeh

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