Monica Lewinsky Tweets About ‘Lemonade,’ Promptly Gets Dragged

Monica Lewinsky tweeted a joke about “Lemonade” last night and pretty much everyone is misinterpreting it.

The tweet seems to be a reference to Beyoncé’s lead single from her last album, “Drunk in Love.” In that song, Bey memorably sang, “He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.”

Monica was not a huge fan back then, saying publicly that maybe Bey should have said “He Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,” which, fair!

So she tweeted this last night:

Obviously this is Monica wondering whether she gets another unfortunate shoutout on the album or not.

But since “Lemonade” is all about the fallout of being cheated on, people assumed Monica was talking about the fact that she’s one of history’s most notorious side chicks.

It seems poor Monica’s been hoisted by her own petard again. She was just trying to reference the fact that she’s had a cameo on a Beyoncé single before, and everyone’s now just reminding her of her involvement with the Clinton sex scandal.

These tweets are funny and all, but is anyone else a little bummed that “Lemonade” seems to be leading to more dragging of women than the men who actually cheat? Very lame.

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