Tess Bittle Embodies Sexy-Haired Siren Brigitte Bardot

Tess Bittle is the kind of girl who makes you want to dye your hair pink. She’s a fan of girl power, wears a ton of black, and isn’t afraid of using her sex appeal. Talk about badass…

Oh, and did we mention she’s a model?

Tess makes the perfect Galore Girl as she’s smart, stunning, and talented beyond belief. In the q+a below, Tess shares what it’s really like to be a working model in NYC and even reveals the truth behind her diet. We teased her hair up á la Brigitte, slicked a cat eye on her, and asked a few of our most burning questions.

Who are you signed with and how’d you get discovered?

I’m signed with APM models, which I love. I submitted my pictures when I was 16 and was lucky enough to be invited to meet them.

What else do you do besides model?

Aside from modeling, I go to school against my will, sketch, and shop. I shop a little too much. Whenever I have down time, you’ll catch me either binge watching Netflix or doing something crazy stupid with my friends. Either way, I’m content!

Have you ever had a retail or restaurant job?

No, I have not. Modeling was my first job, other than working around the barn for my dad. I would love to work retail if I get the chance, although I’ve heard it’s a drag. I don’t care though, I’d rather find out for myself.

Favorite 90s campaign?

Every Versace campaign from the 90s basically has my heart.

Dream shoot?

There’s so many! I’d have to say, me rolling around on a black sand beach would be ideal. There’s something about those shoots that make me want to cry because the sand is so aesthetically pleasing. Love it! Goals.

Favorite photographer?

My favorite photographer is probably Richard Avedon. He shot everyone who was anyone. All of his photos were and still are so beautiful.

Male models: To date or not to date?

It really depends on who you’re dealing with. There’s the self-obsessed douche lorde and there’s the down to earth male model with a killer jawline. Well, they both usually have killer jawlines, but you get the point. Be aware of his actions, not just his looks.

Are you workout obsessed or are you just #blessed?

I’m #neither. I’m so on and off with my gym schedule, it’s actually bad. But when I stop going, that’s when the booty comes out to play. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

What’s your model diet?

My model diet consists of mostly anything, if I’m being real. It also depends on the time of month. I really try to eat healthy and I truly feel better when I do, but sometimes you just need to have those fried pickles from Hooters.

Favorite Insta?

That’s a hard one! My own? Just kidding, but I do love @fatherkels just because hair and face goals.

All-natural or face full of cake?

CAKE CAKE CAKE! Just kidding, but I do love to fool around with makeup — it’s a guilty pleasure. I love the process! I honestly am sad to admit that I don’t really feel comfortable without makeup on. I’m working on it though, because I admire the girls who can confidently rock an all-natural look.

Model icon?

I love love love Magdalena Frackowiak.

Most embarrassing thing to ever happen on set?

Honestly, I’m proud to say nothing that bad has happened yet. Wait, I take that back. Once, I had a rash in my armpits. I was actually mortified to shoot with it!

You love Galore because….?

Because Galore is rad and inspires me to be the same!

Photos by Amber Asaly

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