Kelsey Calemine’s In Flight Beauty Must-Haves

Meet our Instagram babe of the week, Kelsey Calemine.

She’s an LA-based fashionista whose Instagram account serves as an endless source for style inspiration. From what lipstick to wear on girls night out to her in flight beauty must-haves, Kelsey answers some of our favorite #GaloreGirl questions below.

If you were a flavor of ice cream, would you be?

Probably cotton candy because it matches my hair and it’s my favorite. 

Which Spice Girl do you most identify with?

Baby Spice! She’s always been my favorite and I definitely went through a phase in my younger years where I wore pig tails in my hair for a solid couple months…

You’re going out for dinner and drinks with the girls. What color lipstick are you wearing? Any particular brand?

TBT by Tarte. It’s the first lipstick I ever bought and it’s my favorite.

You’re going on a date and you’re going for sultry lashes. Do you choose strip lashes or extensions?

Extensions! I love getting lash extensions. Strip lashes stress me out! I’m always worried about them falling off while I’m out.

It’s festival season and you’re shopping for bronzer. Which one do you buy?

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. It’s the best bronzer and it doesn’t make your face look dirty, and it actually smells like chocolate which is always a plus.

Your brows got waxed a bit too thin. What product do you use to fill them in?

Anastasia Brow Wiz in dark brown my holy grail.

You’re about to be on long flight. What product do you never fly without?

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer. My skin gets super dry when I travel, gotta stay moisturized always.

Do blondes really have more fun?

I think I’ve probably had more fun in the past two months with blonde hair than I ever had being brunette, so I’d have to agree with that stereotype.

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