Mischa Barton Cried on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Mischa Barton got a little teary-eyed on “Dancing With the Stars” last night while reflecting on the immense hardships of rehearsing for a televised weekly dance competition.

Mischa Barton performed her entire dance without shedding a tear. But then, she and her partner watched a video recapping their week of preparation. And let’s just say Mischa was giving off serious Marissa Cooper vibes, particularly at the moment when she fixes her blush in the mirror while her partner rehearses solo.

Mischa apparently didn’t feel warm and fuzzy at the memory of the week’s rehearsals. That’s when she got a little verklempt.

Sadly it doesn’t seem like anyone feels bad for Mischa. It’s like the entire internet is Ryan in this gif:

But things could be way worse! Geraldo Rivera performed his entire dance in Trump drag and still got kicked off the show. Way harsh, DWTS.

There’s always next week for Mischa and her partner. There there, Mischa. We’re here for ya.

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