Miley Just Gave a Lesson in How Not to Impress Someone Cooler Than You

You know how sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you’re sort of forced to hang out with somebody that you think is way out of your coolness league?

Last night Miley Cyrus unwittingly gave a masterclass on how not to try and make yourself seem cool when she hung out with a random middle-aged man who just so happens to host a late night television show on NBC.

And no it wasn’t Jimmy Fallon, it was the other guy. That guy whose name you don’t know.

Over the course of the six minutes said lame-o was forced to hang out with Miley, he embarrassed himself in the following ways:

#1: he showed up with a septum piercing
#2: he asked her if she thought it was cool or not and when she said no he tried to rip it out
#3: he greeted her with the phrase, “hey, what up player, you ready to get lit?”
#4: he dabbed
#5: he told her he had sex on the desk he tapes his show at and after she told him it was gross, revealed that it was actually a threesome
#6: he tried to pull off AF IRL
#6: he said he was in a gang
#7: he asked if she wanted to casually go shoplifting
#8: he tried to get her smoke weed with him, only it wasn’t weed, it was oregano and he didn’t smoke it, he ate it and then convinced himself he was having a really bad trip.

In his defense, this was technically a comedy sketch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from it.

When you’re in a situation where you’re hanging out with somebody who’s just too cool, the last thing you want to do is try too hard.

Just casually tell them you like their jacket, buy them a shot, and then promptly leave to go talk to your real friends.

Now who’s the one who’s too cool?

Tables turned.

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