Mila J Dropped A Surprise EP Called “Dopamine” And It’s Lit

If you recognize Mila J but you aren’t sure from where, it’s probably because she looks super similar to her sis Jhene Aiko.

A bomb musician herself, Mila J just dropped her new EP called “Dopamine.” We asked the larger-than-life personality why the word “dopamine” for this EP and where she’s at in her life and career right now. If you like polaroids, stripper heels, and sparkly shorts, you’re probs gonna be a fan of this shoot. Oh, and good luck getting “La La Land” out of your head. Read on for more!

Earrings by Melody Ehsani, Crystal embellished shorts by Adelina Rusu, Boots, stylist’s own

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Why the title “Dopamine” for this project?

Dopamine is the chemical that is released from the brain’s pleasure center and it’s released when listening to music and doing pleasurable things (eating, having sex, etc.).  I felt good making this project, and thought that it derserved a title that best described that feeling.

What kind of sounds are you incorporating in this EP?

R&B with a 90’s influence… feel-good music. I have a soft nostalgic spot for music that I grew up with in the 90s.

What are some of the topics in the songs?  

Just life and love. In recording this EP, it allowed me to reflect and appreciate the past while being ready for whatever comes my way in the future.

What’s your favorite track off of “Dopamine” and why?

“No Fux” because the message is a meant to empower people to be strong and go after what they want without caring what other people think. It’s just about doing you. “Drippin” allows me to show a very sensual side to me that most of fans haven’t had an opportunity to see yet.

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Sunglasses by Gucci, Jewelry by Melody Ehsani, Bodysuit by Matte Brand
Shoes, Artist’s own


How would you describe where you are in your life right now?


What would you say are some challenges in your life?

The ups and downs of the music industry, picking which selfie to use out of the 100 you take, finding someone who is not a fuckboy, choosing between a middle part or a side part….

You appeared in a Prince’s video for “Diamonds and Pearls” when you were little. Is he one of your main inspirations?

Yes. No one compares to Prince! It was a honor to be able to know him and work with him.

Who are some of your idols, musically and otherwise?

Janet Jackson, TLC, Mary J Blige, Sheila E. and Prince.

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Red Puffer Coat by L’Jai Amor, Sunglasses by Gucci, Bandana by Saint Laurent, Swimsuit by TLZ L’ Femme, Jewelry by Melody Ehsani, Shoes, Artist’s own


What is it like coming from a musical family?

I love being from a musical family.  Being creative was an outlet that our parents encouraged.  Our parents are also creative so they were fully supported and embraced whatever it was we did when it came to not just music but the arts in general.

What’s next with your music? Is there an album on the horizon?

Yep I’m working on the finishing touches for my album now, but you know you can’t rush the creative process 🙂

You can listen to “Dopamine” basically everywhere that you listen to music.


Photography by Maddie Cordoba

Styling by Charlie Brianna

Makeup by Chrissy Stokes

Hair by Kacey Gold

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