Mike Pence Got Booed at “Hamilton”

Mike Pence went to see “Hamilton” — Broadway’s trendiest show that you probz won’t be able to see for at least five more years unless you’re rich af — Friday night, and shit pretty much hit the fan.

First, the Vice President-elect was heartily booed by the audience as he went to his seat. Some audience members took videos and posted them to Twitter immediately.


Right away, people started to respond. Many thought the booing was well-deserved.

Others completely lost their sense of humor and said it wasn’t called for.

Which, I mean, come on man. Booing people is hilarious. This is America. Our first amendment rights guarantee we can boo freely and often.

Plus, Mike Pence is a habitual opponent of gay rights. You can read all about his support of conversion therapy and long-held belief that gay people don’t deserve special protections here. His appearance at Hamilton was especially dismaying because the theatre is historically a gay safe space.

High-profile Twitter users like Roxane Gay, author of “Bad Feminist,” are largely standing by this display of free speech.

Others are pointing out that Pence hasn’t just hurt gay people in theory, but has already contributed to policies that hurt them.

The crowd continued to be woke af throughout the performance. People at the play tweeted that there was a standing ovation at the line “Immigrants, we get the job done.”

After the play, when the cast took its bows, actor Brandon Dixon addressed Pence, asking him to take note of the diverse cast and uphold the rights of everyone in the theatre.

Honestly, could you get any classier? Most people would have had much stronger words for Pence, but Brandon Dixon and the cast of Hamilton clearly handled this in a civil way.

But then, shit really hit the fan the next morning when Donald Trump woke up and decided to tweet about the whole thing.

Not really sure where the “harassment” was. His second tweet, though, was even worse:

Is he joking? The cast of Hamilton was incredibly classy in the face of a man who has outwardly supported taking away their rights. The cast of Hamilton didn’t boo, the audience did. And they’re allowed to.

People basically lost it once Trump tweeted.

Oh, and everyone’s got jokes.

People are also saying that conservatives have started a #BoycottHamilton trending topic on Twitter, but I’m gonna need to see some receipts on that. The only people tweeting #BoycottHamilton at this point are those laughing at the idea of boycotting a sold-out show.

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