Michael Evans Behling is Hollywood’s leading man

You’ve seen him on your TV Screen and blessing your Tiktok feed but how well do you know rising star Michael Evans Behling? We caught up with the busy actor/model and mental health advocate to discuss everything from his role on ‘All American’ to working with Armani Beauty. Read our latest interview below

Photography by Rayne Fitton

Featured Interview:

Hi Michael! We’re so excited to talk with you, how are you and what are you

up to this week?

Hello! Happy Monday, thank you for the opportunity. I’m doing well. Enjoying the hiatus from “All-American” and leaning into relaxing. I am off to Hawaii later this week, so getting myself ready for that and finishing up some content for the week.

You grew up in Columbus, Indiana, and attended school there, how was it moving from there to Los Angeles to pursue your career?

When I made the big move to Los Angeles, I fortunately already secured the role of Jordan Baker and 13 (turned into 16) episodes to keep me busy and not have to rely on additional income. That was one less thing for me to worry about. I was so busy with season one, I did not have much time, and truth be told, I was a bit fearful of exploring. So, Daniel Ezra and I spent every weekend inside my apartment playing video games and taking naps. I truly leaned into the work and wanted to be the best version of myself.

We love seeing you star in “All American.” How has seeing your character evolve over the years been for you?

It’s been semi-therapeutic. Jordan started off as an insecure kid struggling with his own identity, as there are elements that resonate with my personal story. It’s taken several seasons for Jordan to connect with his father and build a relationship based on respect, and a father/son bond. This provided space for Jordan to become much more confident in his decision-making, while his relationship with his father continued to blossom. To take him from being the “tough” guy to this “lover boy” has been a very fun process for me to play with.

Photographed by Allen Zaki

Do you have a favorite Episode/storyline from this season?

I really enjoyed getting to showcase a different side of grief when Jordan’s father, Billy Baker passed. To show this kid having to deal with the loss of the patriarch of the family, the man who inspired Jordan to pick up a football, while also keeping it together for his mother and sister was a difficult process. I was happy to do my best to portray that balance.

Are you close with your cast members?

I like to think so! We shoot for nine months out of the year, so we are all together for a great chunk of time. We have been on this ride together for five years now, going on six and I consider them my family. Especially with my siblings and parents living several miles away. We have all gone through experiences together, peaks and valleys, and flow of life. Through it all, we are there for each other in much deeper ways than a friend could be.

Aside from Acting/Modeling – is there anything else you’d like to explore?

Creating. During this hiatus, I’ve put some of my ideas onto paper and broken them down. I’m enjoying the creative high of fleshing things out, and I’d love to continue to build these ideas up and perhaps create a series or film in the future.

You’ve spoken out about the importance of mental health, how do you keep a

level head in your fast-paced career?

By trying to slow down. I see my therapist once a week to check in and break down the week or anything that’s been weighing on me… I went through a heavy period in my life a few years ago because I couldn’t slow down, and it caught up to me. Now, I lean into checking in on myself, voicing certain things, & doing things that make me happy. Having a routine is very helpful for me, also taking the time to visit places, and especially spending time with my family.

We loved seeing you star in Armani Beauty’s “Acqua for Life” campaign, raising awareness of the need for clean water, how important was it for you to work on this?

It was tremendously important, for me to be a part of the larger mission at hand and the purpose of the charity is very important to Mr. Armani. It’s something that I feel like we take for granted often. Having an opportunity to be a part of something that seems so simple, but not as simple for others around the world was moving for me. I feel fortunate to be a part of the Armani Beauty team and support this great cause alongside my peers.

Can we expect more partnerships with any brands soon? Your fans want you modeling more – based on your comments on social (we really can’t argue with them on that one)

I’ve been having a tremendous amount of fun getting back in front of the camera modeling! I have an exciting release with Armani Beauty coming up in July and I was very happy with the finished product. Returning to modeling is something I want to continue to explore deeper, especially within multiple spaces of beauty and apparel.

We must know, what’s your skin regimen?

I keep it simple! I wash it in the evenings when I shower, with a face wash from Honest Beauty, and utilize their full range of facial lotion, cream, and eye care products. Twice a week I exfoliate and put on an under-eye cream before bed. I love skincare!

What’s your favorite cologne? Do any signature scents come to mind?

Acqua Di Gio. I like the freshness of the scent. It smells sexy to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I have to imagine “All American” will have run its course, so hopefully, I will still enjoy living in Los Angeles and working on impactful film and television projects. I’d still love to work closely with purpose-driven brands and continue on my personal journey of growth and confidence. On the personal side, I hope to have a couple of dogs running around my backyard, continuing to enjoy my friends and family. That’s a heck of a list, but somewhere in there, I’d love to learn how to play the piano!

Do you have time to watch television? If so, What are some of your favorite shows to watch?

Recently, yes! I’ve recently watched ‘Shrinking’ on Apple TV, “Ted Lasso”, and “Queen Charlotte” on Netflix. Definitely my favorites!

Lastly, 2023 will be the year of….



Talent: Michael Evans Behling

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