If you mention these 3 foods in your dating profile, you’ll get way more messages

Just when you’re starting to think it’s pointless to put effort into your dating profile, there’s a crazy new set of statistics showing that mentioning certain foods in your profile could get you more messages.

Zoosk analyzed more than 3.7 million dating profiles and 364.6 million first messages and found out the following:

1. Daters who have “guacamole” in their profile get 144% more messages.

We all know guac is extra. I just didn’t realize it was extra sexy. (Please forgive me.)

2. Profiles with “potatoes” get 101% more messages.

At first I thought this one was weird, and then I remembered how good potatoes are.

3. Mentioning “chocolate” will get you 100% more messages.

Honestly, this one makes the most sense. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, after all.

So yes, dating is a shallow game and trying to figure out exactly what other people are looking for will only drive you insane. But hey, if you want to mix things up, maybe throw in a guac reference and see if your success rate goes up. Couldn’t hurt.

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