Meet Grey, The DJ Duo Who Aren’t Afraid To Get Deep

Michael and Kyle Trewartha, the two bleached-hair brothers who make up Grey, are surprisingly deep for a couple of EDM DJs.

Just look at their Instagram bios.

Michael’s reads “22 times around the sun,” while Kyle’s says, “Eventually, everything connects.”

And the music that comes out of them is gentler than you might expect too.

It’s not hard to imagine their biggest single so far, “Miss You,” being featured on Justin Bieber’s last album, or even his next album.

We talked to Michael and Kyle about brotherly love, competition, and most importantly, who’s hair looks better.

Where’s the name Grey come from?
Kyle: I was trying to think of a cool 4 letter name cause 4 letter names are the best (duh) and realized my hair was grey at the time and thought to myself, “hmm I wonder if anyone calls themselves grey?”

Sure enough it wasn’t taken!

Is it your favorite color?
Kyle: I think it has definitely become our favorite color. Grey is just pastel black.

What’s the Grey symbol mean and why have it?
Kyle: The grey symbol is like our emblem or our stamp. I see it as a signature. I really wanted to make grey into more than just a name. I wanted everything to coexist stylistically in the same sort of world. The music the artwork the vision the vibe all have this ecosystem that they live in and I think it’s cool and it’s something that people will want to be apart of.

As for what it literally is, I tried to reimagine a lowercase “g.”

Does it ever get weird, hanging out with your brother all the time?
Kyle: We’ve been hanging out our whole lives. There’s no one else that knows each other better than we do. It honestly doesn’t get weird.

Are you guys competitive at all?
Kyle: We’re super competitive! Especially when we go bowling.

When did you both start bleaching your hair?
Kyle: We started bleaching our hair about 2 and a half years ago.

Did you guys make the decision together, or did one of you do it first and the other just thought it looked dope?
Michael: I did mine first before grey was even a thing. Then once we had our name I convinced Kyle to do it. He loved it!

Whose hair looks better?
Whoever’s looks more grey!

So where’d the inspiration for “I Miss You” come from?
Kyle: The topline for I Miss You was sent over from our manager and we instantly fell in love with it. We really wanted to keep the integrity of the vocal while adding in some production that really represents the grey sound in a way that would be seamless.

If “I Miss You” was a color, what would it be?
Kyle: Tungsten blue like a rainy day.

What’s the biggest misconception people have when you tell them you’re EDM musicians?
Kyle: Everyone immediately thinks we’re just DJs and that we aren’t artists or musicians. They don’t realize that everything that they hear coming out of the speakers that isn’t a vocal was all created by us. 😀

Does your job make it easier to date or harder because DJs can get a bad wrap?
Michael: I think it probably makes it easier for most people. Not for me

Who’s better at Instagram?
Michael: I’m better at Instagram!

What’s next for 2017?
Kyle: We have 4 remixes coming out in the next couple of weeks, and an EP on the way 🙂

For more on Grey, check out their Soundcloud and follow them on Instagram @greymusique

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