These celebs tweeted #MeToo to unify victims of sexual harassment and assault

On Sunday, Alyssa Milano started the trending phrase “me too,” saying a friend suggested the idea.

It turns out activist Tarana Burke actually started the movement ten years ago, to help create a community for those who’ve been sexually assaulted.

But thanks to Milano’s high-profile helping hand, the phrase has blown up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The goal is to give people (particularly men) an understanding of how bad the problem is.

In the weeks since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, celebs utilized the phrase to talk about the abuse of power in the entertainment industry. Here’s a list of some who did.

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Gabrielle Union

After receiving the script for her role in The Birth of a Nation, Gabrielle found out the film’s director, Nate Parker, had allegedly raped someone 17 years ago. This led her to write about her own sexual assault in an Op-Ed for the LA Times.

Rosario Dawson


Rosario continues her activism by contributing her voice to the movement.

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Evan Rachel Wood


In her powerful Rolling Stone interview last year, she said that she has been raped twice.

Lady Gaga


Gaga opened up about her assault in her song “Til It Happens To You.” When she performed the song for the 2016 Oscars, dozens of survivors took the stage with her.

Sarah Hyland


In 2014, the actress spoke about her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend Matthew Prokop, to talk show host Meredith Vieira.

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Sophia Bush

The One Tree Hill star went public with her sexual assault experience in a 2015 Instagram post. Sophia continues to use her platform to advocate for women’s issues all over the world.

My #wcw today goes out to all the ladies who’ve ever felt afraid, or threatened, and to all of you who are survivors. Did you know that every day in the United States there are 804 incidents of sexual assault? Well April is National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month, and I’m proud to see so many women, and men, taking a stand. Last year I dealt with months of terrifying threats on my life from a stalker, and one of the law enforcement officers I met with gave me some Sabre tools. He said, “listen, you shouldn’t HAVE to carry these, but until you feel safe enough not to, I want you to feel confident.” This month @sabresafety announced their partnership with @RAINN01, the world’s largest anti-sexual assault organization, to raise awareness about sexual assault. They are sharing survivor’s stories and empowering people to take control of their personal safety. A % of proceeds from the red alarm are being donated to RAINN, and for the whole month of April, donations made directly to RAINN with be MATCHED by donors! Now THAT gives me confidence that eventually we won’t have to feel afraid anymore. Thank you #Sabre for taking a stand with us – #SurvivorStories #SAAPM #RAINN

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Debra Messing


Earlier this year, Debra gave a speech at the Makers Conference, where she accused the director of her 1995 film, A Walk In the Clouds, of assaulting her.

Monica Lewinsky

The former White House intern became a household name when rumors of an alleged sexual affair between her and Bill Clinton sparked an impeachment trial.

“I was the first [non-public personality] to have my identity and reputation savaged by the virality of the Web,” Monica said in her Vanity Fair interview.

Rose McGowan

She is back on Twitter after getting banned from the site a few days ago.

We’ll update this list as more celebs join the social media movement.

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