The Most Badass Female Heroines Of All Time

What do a wealthy femme fatale, a vengeful wife and a futuristic bow and arrow wielding freedom fighter have in common? The new crop of female movie heroines! Feminism has been big in the media as of late with a slew of movies which easily pass the Bechdel test, all new complaints about female movie roles are being brought to the forefront. Are the women multi-dimensional? Do they serve as more than a set piece meant to brighten up the male star? Are they even realistic let alone relatable to the female viewers? Well the new female film stars of the upcoming Sin City, Hunger Games and Gone Girl movies certainly are. Filling entirely different characters, who not only stand on the same level as their male co-stars, but practically overshadow them as well. These are a few movie heroines who we can feel good rooting for. In honor of these badass babes, here are a few of our favorite ass kicking movie characters who lit up the big screen back in the day as well.

Rosario Dawson as Gail in the original Sin City

The first Sin City film was filled with damsels in distress and distressed black leather. One gal who didn’t take any bullshit was Dawson’s character Gail. The head of a group of deadly hookers, Gail would rip our your throat if you ever dared cross her (and she actually did this to one of her fellow on screen characters too.)

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns

Possibly one of the most badass female superheroes in existence, Pfeiffer plays and meek office secretary who turns deadly fetish fashion wearing assassin. Even Batman was no match for this killer sex kitten.

Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men
Storm, not Wolverine, was the obvious leader of the X men. She could control the weather whereas Wolverine’s power was that he had pretty sharp looking fingernails. We could deal with being a bit scratched up after being struck by lightening chances are you would probably not be walking or talking for little while.

Eva Green as Artemisia in 300:Rise of an Empire
300: Rise Of An Empire (2013) EVA GREEN as Artemesia
If looks could kill… but Artemisia doesn’t need her (already killer) looks, she has flawless combat skills, an entire navy devoted to her every command and a war lord who she created and subsequently controls. And all this in ancient Greece!

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