#MCM: Lukas Gage Has Never Been On a Real Date Before

If you don’t know who Lukas Gage is, you’re about to. The actor is currently filming an insane action flick with Young Hollywood faves Bella Thorne, Maude Appatow, Suki Waterhouse, and Joel McHale. He’s also super cute, in case you haven’t noticed. We caught up with Lukas, who’s currently filming “Assassination Nation” in New Orleans, check out the interview below.

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How’d you get into acting?

I got into acting as a kid. I would go to a film camp every summer. It was a safe way for me to express myself and was almost like therapy. When I decided to pursue it after high-school it was more about the human psychology and behavior and my curiosity and love for people.

You’re filming “Assassination Nation” in New Orleans. What’s that like? Is it really as crazy of a city as everyone says?

The film is amazing, I read the script for the first time five months ago and have been chasing down any role in it since then. As for New Orleans, it was crazy when we first got here during Mardi Gras and trying to squeeze through parades to go to a fitting or a rehearsal, but since then its a pretty amazing, mellow town and we spend a lot of our time going to jazz shows and eating really good seafood.

What’s one question you’ll never answer?

I am pretty open when asked about my personal life, however, I think its good to keep things a mystery and I’d prefer to talk about the projects I am working on or the preparation for a role.

What’s your go-to pose for taking sexy selfies?

A cast-mate in “Assassination Nation” taught me my go-to pose is above and slightly to my right, rarely does it work out that way…she has mastered it.

What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

I haven’t really had a real date yet. Is that bad? I am looking for one though!

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If we went through your iPhone photo library, what would we find? What are the majority of the photos of?

I am always reading articles and taking screenshots so I can go back and read them later, I love to read and research. However, there are some hilarious photos mixed in there as well.

What’s the worst present you’ve ever gotten from a boyfriend/girlfriend?

My girlfriend in high school was in juvie and on my birthday she sent me a macaroni necklace and a card, it was pretty sad.

Do you believe in fucking on the first date?

Like I said, I haven’t been on a real date yet, so let me get back to you on that one… but if it feels right, sure!

What is the weirdest message you have received from a fan?

I have been asked for nudes on Snapchat a few times.

If someone walked in on you home alone, without you expecting them, what embarrassing act would they catch you in?

Probably doing a YouTube tutorial on how to dance to “My Love is Like Whoa” by Mya.

What’s next for you?

As of now, I am working on season three of a digital show called T@gged in New Mexico. Also, I have a show coming up called “Confess” which will be out in April also by AwesomenessTV/Awestruck. Both will be on the Go90 App. There is another exciting project I just wrapped aside from “Assassination Nation,” but I can’t speak on that for another few months. We should definitely reconnect when I can tell you more.

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