Mariah Carey Hooked Blac Chyna Up With a Lap Dance Because Pregnancy is Hard

On Sunday night, as a thank you for coming out to Vegas to check out her show, Mariah Carey hooked Blac Chyna up with a lap dance because being pregnant is really hard.

While singing “Touch My Body,” Mimi invited Chyna up to the stage and invited the mom-to-be sit down on a bed to receive a very special gift.

Obviously Blac Chyna was very excited about what was about to go down, and after struggling to get on the bed and figure out how to put on her blindfold for what felt like an eternity, Mariah began tickling Chyna with a pink feather while an incredibly attractive man stood above her and ripped off his tank top while gyrating for a hot second.

Sadly, that’s all it was though.

A hot second.

Before the lap dance portion of the evening even began, the incredibly attractive man hopped off the bed, either because he was turned off by the idea of bumping and grinding on top of Blac Chyna and Rob’s gestating fetus, or more probably because it took so long to put the blindfold on that he simply ran out of time to do his thing.

Either way, Mariah clearly still owes Chyna one.


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