These are NYC’s best signs from the March for Our Lives

On March 24, students, parents, and young people everywhere joined to take part in the #MarchforOurLives, a movement that is unlike any other in that it is being led by young people, for young people. 

After 17 lives were taken by a school shooter in Parkland, FL last month, millions of students across the United States felt grief, anguish, and frustration. But they’ve taken this grief and channeled it into an important movement that has fueled an incredible cause.

Posters play an especially important role in these protests: those that are especially impactful and creative often go viral and help spread the message. Everyone at the March expressed their frustration and support in different ways — here are some that resonated with us from that day.

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Yup. Even in my short lifetime, I can say with confidence that mass school shootings are a contemporary phenomenon and are a phenomenon that, as the sign above states, is completely preventable.

This red, white, and blue sign reads, “Our liberties are being held hostage by the NRA,” with a photo of the Lady Liberty with both of her hands up. This sign truly speaks for itself.

If the entire sentiment of the march were to be summed up by one sign, it would be this one. Also, not that the weapon in the photo is an assault rifle.

Plain and simple, “NRA toadies kill kids.” It’s important to hold the people who continue to stand and let this happen accountable, and denounce politicians who prioritize the agenda of the NRA over the safety of the nation’s children.

This sign simply reads “History is Watching,” with two large eyes on it.

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A photo of an assault rifle up in flames.

This sign insists that teachers are not meant to carry in class, reading, “Arm teachers with quality pay, not guns.”

This hunger games reference points to the fact that at this point, school shootings and mass gun violence are so prevalent that we all dread becoming a statistic. Thus, the sign states, the NRA and GOP are essentially throwing us into a cornucopia of violence and fear and shutting the door behind us.

This sign reads, “Disarm ICE and Police.”

Using Spongebob as a means to hold the NRA accountable = mood of this entire year.

Again, using Spongebob as political commentary is surprisingly effective.

The juxtaposition of these two signs really sums up how everyone at the march felt. There was an air of hope, solidarity, and support, but also, fuck the NRA.

Straight to the point. We like it.

As two young friends embrace one another, they hold two signs reading, “The world was not made for guns, it was made for love,” and “#nomoreguns,” respectively.

“STOP the blood shed of gen z.”

This sign reads, “I can’t make a victim tally that won’t be outdated before I finish.”

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It’s become increasingly clear that as the bright, passionate, and caring youth of today lose faith in those whose responsibility it is to keep us safe, they are gaining faith in each other. And the nation is quickly realizing that, like with so many other movements, it will be these young people who likely see through the most progress on this devastating issue.

Seeing ten year-old children holding signs about wanting to stay alive and is surreal; but they are realizing, as Emma Gonzales said in her speech in Washington that day, that they must “fight for their life before it’s someone else’s job.”

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