Marc Jacobs Has $1400 MTV Sweatshirts Now if You’re Too Chic for Walmart

When I think of MTV logo apparel, I think of the wall of graphic tees that used to be on display at Delia*s before they went out of business (RIP). I also think of the raglan 3/4 sleeve top that I made my parents buy me from the MTV store on a family trip to NYC in 2004 when I was going through my Good Charlotte groupie phase.

But while graphic tees have been slowly creeping back into style, MTV isn’t. In fact, if the lack of attendance at this past weekends VMAs are any indication, even the celebs who could be reaping free press AND luxury swag bags care of MTV don’t think MTV is cool anymore.

But, if for some reason you’re nostalgic for the time when MTV played music videos instead of reality TV with people you’ve never heard of, you’re in luck, because you can purchase your very own MTV logo sweatshirt.

In fact, Marc Jacobs’ new collection for Resort ’17 is inspired by the glory days of MTV in the eighties. The collection includes t-shirts, short-sleeve sweatshirts, and regular old sweatshirts for you to wear when it’s kinda cold out and you don’t feel like wearing a bra. The regular sweatshirts are sold for the casual price of $1,400, which is LOL-worthy for anyone who’s ever purchased a similar shirt from Delia*s when they were 13.

But if you do for some reason really love the MTV-sweatshirt look and are slightly discouraged by the ridiculously high price tag, we’ve got your back. Everyone’s favorite big business, Walmart, actually sells remarkably similar sweatshirts for the low price of $13.75. Yes, you read that right, $13.75. That price is ridiculously low for a sweatshirt, especially for a sweatshirt that will make naive fashionistas think you’re rocking Marc Jacobs’ latest collection.

Walmart’s selection of MTV sweatshirts

Marc Jacobs’ MTV Sweatshirts

But careful, if you actually want to make people think you’re rocking a $1,400 Marc Jacobs sweatshirt, you’ll have to keep your Walmart version tucked away until November, which is when the Marc Jacobs pre-orders are expected to ship out. Or maybe you can prance around in your $14 Walmart sweatshirt during fashion week and convince people you started the trend?

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