Marc Jacobs’ Comment on the Dreadlock Controversy Is Super Unwoke

Marc Jacobs sent models down the runway with pastel-colored dreadlocks on the last day of fashion week, and everyone got pissed.

The designer was accused (by many) of cultural appropriation — he styled white modes in a historically black hairstyle and didn’t credit black culture as his source for inspiration. Yikes!

Jacobs reportedly responded to one of his Instagram critics with a wildly offensive answer for his actions. Let’s just say, he could benefit from a dose of sensitivity and also a history lesson. He wrote:

And all who cry “cultural appropriation” or whatever nonsense about any race of skin color wearing their hair in a particular style or manner – funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair. I respect and am inspired by people and how they look. I don’t see color or race- I see people. I’m sorry to read that so many people are so narrow minded…Love is the answer. Appreciation of all and inspiration from anywhere is a beautiful thing. Think about it.

Oh, what a disappointing answer. Jacobs definitely has some explaining to do.

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