Manifesto Is the Soothing and Captivating New Single by Latte Samuels

“Manifesto” by Latte Samuels is going to change the mood of the day and there is no debate about that. It is a track with seductive music that stays with you long after it stops, due to its powerful message of resurgence, but especially because of the catchy rhythm that is impossible to forget.

Latte Samuels, the talented artist behind the track, brings a unique combination of musical influences to “Manifesto.” Her Jamaican origin shines through, infusing the song with a distinctive Caribbean flavor fused with sonically smooth melodies that make you want to dance. 


Accompanied by a nostalgic VHS fashion film shot in London and directed by London local ShotbyFaces, one of the standout elements of “Manifesto” is Latte’s velvety voice. Her singing is both soothing and captivating, making it the perfect match for the soft dance floor, so the balance between her vocals and instrumentals is nothing short of spot-on.

The singer and songwriter began her career as a model, a medium in which she achieved recognition from publications such as Vogue, V, Elle, and other prominent magazines. Samuels, who has been singing since an early age, is using the visibility she gained in the modeling world to pursue her passion in the music industry.

She has been inspired by iconic figures such as Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and Diana Ross, whose influences, along with her Jamaican roots and her upbringing in Miami, have shaped her distinctive and sensual musical style. Her music represents a balance between vulnerability and confidence, with direct and powerful lyrics over soft melodies.

“Manifesto” is an empowering anthem that rescues us from the sonic delight and incredible talent of Latte Samuels. It’s a track that’s not only good but also enticing and is sure to get stuck in your head for all the right reasons.

Shot & Directed by @ShotbyFaces

Photos @lexrosecloud 

Animal print designer @sterreelaine 

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