Makeup Artist Lucy Bleu Is the Next Rock Royalty to Watch

Lucy Bleu is a makeup artist who just happens to be the stepdaughter of Clash from Guns ‘n’ Roses. She’s also an LA it girl. So we had fellow heiress to the GNR legacy Grace McKagan talk to her about what makes her tick.

GRACE: What is you’re favorite thing about doing makeup/ how did you get into it?

LUCY: I have always really been into drawing and making art, and I fond out the best way to incorporate that into a successful career in Los Angeles am to be a makeup artist so you can create art on their face and make them feel beautiful in their own skin.

GRACE: What’s your go to makeup look when going out?

LUCY: I usually do a light shade of eye shadow, a classic black eyeliner wing, glossy natural lip, and of course lashes, lashes are my statement.

GRACE: What’s your favorite makeup look to create on other people? 

LUCY: I love contouring cheekbones because it’s instant gradification. A cut crease is really fun to do too. I also love using airbrush.

GRACE: Who are you listening to right now?

LUCY: I am into Neutral Hotel Milk, Home Shake, Car Seat Headrest, Pile, LCD Sound system, Porches, The Beatles, Moses Campbell, The Black Lips, Elliot Smith, Bon Iver, and James Blake.

GRACE: How would you describe your style in 5 words? 

LUCY: Goodwill with glam, carless, and grunge

GRACE: What would your dream job be? 

LUCY: To be Grace’s person makeup artist and travel the world with her.

GRACE: How do you think music influences fashion and makeup? 

LUCY: I totally feel music is a huge thing with fashion and makeup, like you’re going to match you style with your look depending on what way you want to express yourself.

GRACE: What are you and your girlfriend’s favorite thing to do?

LUCY: Um we love chillin, going on car rides, dancing, postmating, oh and we make up songs!

GRACE: What are you looking forward to in 2017?

LUCY: I Am looking forward to finishing school, learning about make up, and starting my career.

GRACE: If you had any advice for yourself when you were 13 what would it be? 

LUCY: I would tell thirteen year old me to do make up better, and I would tell myself to listen to my mom when it comes to style because Megan knows good style and I would never listen to her! I really wish I did. And I would tell myself and all the other females that you are a queen and do not let anyone treat you any less.

Photography by Kevin Hayeland

Interview by Grace McKagan

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